Time for God

Our services are held from 10.00-12.00, each Saturday. If you want to be better protected from Covid, wearing a mask is mandatory.


Each Saturday we are striving to provide English translation for our guests, who speak this language. Unfortunately, especially during the holiday season, we do not always succeed. If you want to be sure about the presence of an interpreter on a particular Saturday, write to


Services last for 2 hours. In the first part, there is a Bible study and in the second, a sermon is held.


All recurring meetings – suspended until further notice.


Interpretation for German, Russian or Ukrainian may be provided. If you would like to be sure, that there is an interpreter available on the date of your visit, inform us about your plans on:

Please do that, as that helps us a lot organizationally.

Time to worshipping

If you have any unique talents, and want to shere them please let us know about it in the message.