Rent a room

Take a rest

There is a possibility to rent a guest room in the church building. It is a great alternative for traditional hotels or hostels.


Our rooms are cosy, comfortable and what is more, situated right at the city centre, very close to well-known Main Square and Krakow Railway Station (7 minutes by car, 15-20 minutes by foot.) You need around 30 minutes to walk to the Wawel Castle. There are also many good bus and tram connections to the other parts of the city, including Krakow Airport.

Where’s my guest room?

Enjoy Sabbath

Take a rest and start enjoying the Sabbath with your familly.


Importantly, there is also a parking space available for our guests. You can keep your car safely behind the building!


The price for double room (which may be adjusted also for a family with children) is 15 Euro per person. Your kids pay half-price. Bagging and parking space included.


If you want to make a reservation or get more details about our guest rooms – please write at


Also, for bigger groups of youth, we may rent some extra space to sleep with your own matrices. Toilets, bathroom and kitchen are provided. The cost of such an option is 5-7 Euro, depending on the size of group etc. Interested? Please contact us on